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A Sanctuary for rescued farmyard animals

Behind these rolling hills in Australia at the end of a rainbow is Ozfarmyard . A forever home for any critter that has nowhere else to go.  All animals live in harmony and happiness. We have a no-kill policy.

We assist in rehoming and rehabilitating abused farmyard animals       

but our main focus is on the day to day care of our residents, young and old, furred,feathered & scaled. These are rescue animals who have been neglected or abused, who have health or behavioural problems due to their terrible history and are not able to be re-homed. But HEY they are all cool !!!

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Meet some of our resident critters, play some games, buy a treasure at our shop, have some fun, become a donor or adopt a critter                                                                                                                             Join Us

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Every animal at Ozfarmyard is given the best appropriate food, shelter, veterinary care & medicines, an environment to have fun in. And lots of hugs & kisses

Dogs, cats, pigs, horses, geese, ducks, donkeys, sheep, goats, cows. llamas, rats, buffalos, chickens, lizards, fish, crays, big birds, little birds, snakes, HEY everyone deserves to live their life to their full potential & engage in their natural behaviours & grow old gracefully (or in some cases disgracefully!)

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